Tips To Avoiding Tan Stains And Other Mishaps While Spray Tanning

In recent times, the popularity of sunless tanning techniques like tanning beds and airbrush tanning has increased. These tanning techniques comes without the hassle of countless trips to the beach and sunburn that follows. Sunless tanning is easy, convenient, and offers fabulous tan results. However, first-time users of tan beds are sceptical about orange tan and skin stains. If you plan to visit therasauna infrared saunas, here are a few things to keep in to prevent tan pigments from ruining your outfit.

Tip #1 Wear Dark Clothes

Spray tanning is different than most other indoor tanning techniques. In spray tan, tan solutions are sprayed directly on the skin instead of UV rays. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes for the tan solution to set and develop. Most people going for their spray tan appointments often worry if their dress will get ruined with the tan solution. Clothes can easily absorb the tan solution and get stained. However, if one is careful enough, they can prevent this from happening. If you are visiting your closest tanning booth, make sure you don’t wear anything in a lighter shade. Light-colored clothes can get easily stained and look. So it’s better to wear anything in a black or darker shade.

Tip #2 Wear Loose Clothes

Another great way to preventing your clothes from getting messy from a spray tan is to wear loose-fitted dresses. You must avoid skin-hugging dresses as the cloth will absorb the tan color. This may also prevent the tan from setting on your skin properly. Either go for flowing skater dresses or loose skirts when getting a spray tan.

Tip #3 Avoid Showering

Hitting the shower or gym is something you should avoid after your spray tan appointment. Sweat or water can ruin your tan color and even leave stains on your clothes. While it’s easier for one to prevent sweating in winter, one may find it tricky to keep one body from sweating when the days are hot. It’s essential that you keep yourself inside and avoid any physical activities as much as you can to don’t sweat. If you usually sweat a lot, keep body powder handy to apply it to your skin.

Tip #4 Cover yourself with Umbrella

Tan aftercare plays a crucial role in developing even and natural-looking tan. You might be eager to flaunt your tan soon after returning from the tan salon. However, you should avoid heading outside for at least a couple of days. But if you still have to go outside, keep umbrella with you. The umbrella will help you block the sun rays and unannounced rain showers.

Tip #5 Don’t Rush the Process

Most people prefer sun tanning over sunless tanning as it offers quick results. However, airbrush tanning and spray tanning require more time to set and develop than other tanning techniques. If you have returned from a spray tanning appointment, wait for at least 8 to 10 hours for the tan solution to completely dry and set. Time your tanning appointment with your sleep schedule so as not to ruin your linen and bed covers.…